Probation Judge Cost Meek Mill $450,000 Pay Day

Philly’s own Meek Mill has had a probation-related issue interfere with his career yet again. This time around the news came via an interview with co-owner of the Philadelphia 76s, Michael Rubin, via ESPN’s Outside the Lines. Apparently, Meek had an opportunity to perform overseas for a check totaling almost half a million dollars, only to be blocked by Judge Genece Brinkley. While the rapper’s request to travel abroad while on probation was approved, he was not notified until after the final deadline for the performance to take place. This is the same judge that had Meek Mill jailed over a previous probation violation.

While Meek Mill is no longer behind bars, this situation shows how the broken system of parole and probation continues to haunt the lives of individuals caught up in the system. Rubin took to his IG to go in on Judge Brinkley, calling her motivations payback for a personal vendetta she has with Meek Mill. This latest incident is likely more motivation for the rapper to continue his crusade to reform the justice system with his REFORM Alliance, which Rubin is a co-chair.


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