Meek Mill Will Get An Apology From The Cosmo Hotel

A few weeks ago, Meek Mill showed up at an event hosted at The Marquee Club, inside of The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. The rapper and his crew were turned away by the bouncer at the door. When Meek and company pressed the doorman for details as to why he wouldn’t let them in, he threatened that if they didn’t leave the police would be called. The incident almost became a legal issue for the hotel when Meek Mill’s attorney told the press that he was preparing to file a discrimination lawsuit. Apparently, The Cosmo felt the heat and reached out to organize a formal, public apology and Meek Mill accepted.

Other celebrities including 50 Cent, TI, and Swae Lee have complained that The Cosmo is too aggressive and disrespectful, especially when it comes to Black rappers. It was rumored that the establishment kept a blacklist of rappers but the hotel denies this claim. Either way, this latest criticism seems to be getting the Cosmo’s management’s attention and adds to Meek Mill’s growing reputation as a social justice warrior.


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