Meek Mill Takes On Pennsylvania Prison Reform

Ever since Meek Mill was released from jail he has been on one. This time around he is making headlines for his activism. The Philly emcee teamed up with Van Jones and the REFORM alliance to introduce House Bill 1925 yesterday. The proposed legislation addresses the probation and parole system in Pennsylvania. The Bill would prevent courts from compounding back-to-back probation sentences, it would stop judges from extending sentences for unpaid fees, and it would create a system of rewards to incentivize good behavior. In short, non-criminal offenses would no longer be reasons for the state to extend an individual’s probation.

This topic is obviously a subject that is close to Meek Mill’s heart. He has been the very public face of parole violation in recent years and he is using his platform to effect political change. As an advocate for criminal justice reform, it is evident that he is using his celebrity to move the needle on social issues that impact his home community in Philadelphia and others throughout the country. In his own words, “I speak for the people who don’t have a voice.”


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