Lord Jamar Continues Anti-Eminem Rant

Lord Jamar, a founding member of Brand Nubian, has stirred up his long-held grudge against Eminem during an interview with Battle Code. The topic came up when Billboard’s recent de-categorization of Lil Nas X was being discussed. Appointing himself a “gatekeeper of Hip-Hop”, Lord Jamar explained why Eminem can never truly be the King of Hip-Hop, regardless of album sales.

Lord Jamar has had smoke with Em for years and this is not the first time he’s made the complaint that even if Eminem’s rhyme skills are legendary, the content of his raps disqualifies him from true King-status. Rap fans will surely be divided over this issue but given Eminem’s later material, it’s apparent that is glory days are behind him. Records are made to be broken but until someone takes the #1 spot from Eminem in respect to album sales, this argument is likely to continue. A look at the video’s comments is proof of that.


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