Lil Dirk Turns Himself In And Releases Song

On Tuesday, May 29, Chicago Rapper Lil Dirk posted a cryptic message to his Instagram and it is now starting to make more sense. The image stated that he would be turning himself in the following day and the reason why has become clear. Atlanta police have issued a warrant for Dirk’s arrest, stating that he was involved in a shooting incident that took place in the ATL outside of a restaurant called The Varsity back in February. The victim survived but police charged the drill artist with 5 felonies.

The “No Label” rapper recently went independent after leaving Def Jam in 2018 because he insisted that the label wanted him to go too mainstream for the rapper’s taste. Hopefully, he can clear up this legal matter and stay focused on recording music. Lil Dirk surrendered to authorities and he released a song “Turn Myself In” on the same day with cover art done by Turestrl.


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