LAPD Has Identified Shooter In Nipsey Hussle Murder

According to multiple sources, the suspect in the March 31 shooting death of Nipsey Hussle has been identified as Eric Holder, a 29 year-old Black man last seen in a 2016 Chevy Cruze. This information comes after a vigil for the late rapper ended in chaos. Multiple people were injured in a stampede as law enforcement cleared the plaza in front of The Marathon Clothing store where the vigil took place.

Time is of the essence in apprehending Holder. Now that he has been identified, it is likely that the police are not the only ones looking for him. Nipsey was beloved by his fans and many of them may be tempted to take justice into their own hands should they find the suspected murderer before the police.

Van Lathan from TMZ called into Power 106 this morning and confirmed the suspect is indeed Eric Holder. Lathan mentioned that Nipsey knew his killer and that he politely asked Holder to leave The Marathon store shortly before the incident. Apparently, Holder returned with a weapon and opened fire, fatally wounding the rapper and injuring his companions, before leaving the scene on foot. Reportedly, he jumped into the waiting vehicle driven by an unidentified woman and fled. The majority of the incident was recorded by a nearby camera and the security footage helped lead to the positive ID.

Update: 1:29pm – CBS Los Angeles has reported that Holder has been captured by authorities in Bellflower, CA.


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