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LA Gangs Unite In Wake Of Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

It’s been one week since Hip-Hop lost Nipsey Hussle, one of it’s brightest stars. This past Friday, April 5, 2019, a collection of gangs from parts of Southern California including Watts, Inglewood, Compton, and Los Angeles organized in a peaceful march through Nipsey’s Crenshaw neighborhood to express unity and a desire to stop gang violence. Nipsey made no attempt to hide his life as a former gang member and his example inspired the largest unification of LA gangs since the LA riots in 1992.

The social impact Nipsey had in life has been magnified since his passing. His community investments included buying up parts of the block he used to hustle in front of in his younger days, a STEM education organization, a smart clothing store, and numerous contributions to individuals and families from his stomping grounds.

Nipsey’s family will be holding a free public memorial in the coming days. Unconfirmed reports stated that it may be held at the Staples Center but that information has since been put into question. One thing is for sure, it will attract thousands of fans of Nipsey’s music and activism. While music made Nipsey Hussle famous, his works in the Black community is what has made him a legend.

Update: 4-8-19 The Celebration of Life has been confirmed at the Staples Center on Thursday, April 11, 2019.



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