Crips Take On Nipsey Hussle’s “Marathon” Legacy

While most people think of gangs as unorganized neighborhood cliques, in reality, gangs can be legit businesses. In 2018, both the Crips LLC and Bloods LLC were registered by their respective gang, and the Crips just made a move to incorporate Nipsey’s “The Marathon Continues” as an official slogan. According to The Blast, the gangs are re-branding and getting more active in keeping the peace in South LA. Apparently, Nipsey never trademarked the tagline and the Crips intend to use it to promote youth sports and other programs in their community.

Future content around the phrase will include a documentary also called “The Marathon Continues” and education manuals. The Bloods and Crips are making good on their promise to unite last April. Seeing as how Nipsey was going to meet with LAPD about gang interventions the day after he was shot, could this have been part of his plan? Or perhaps the Crips see an opportunity and are jumping on it. The trademark application was filed on May 16 but has yet to be approved by Nipsey’s estate at the time of this writing.



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