Aspiring Rapper Interrupts 50 Cent’s Date So He Can Get Put On

Thanks to the internet and social media there are many ways for an upcoming music artist to promote and share their music in hopes of getting recognized for their work. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Soundcloud, all at the lovely price of free ninety-nine, make it easier for a local artist to make a name for themselves without having to depend on someone or a record label to put you on. What you don’t want to do is run up on a big name music artist and harass them to look at your Instagram account so they can check your music out. That strategy will lead you down an intersection called rejection and embarrassment, a lesson that a local rapper had to learn when he tried to run up on rapper 50 Cent in attempt to get put on.

It has yet to be reported on who the aspiring rapper was, but what was reported is that the guy interrupted the hip hop Queens’ legend while he was on a date with a gorgeous looking woman. The aspiring rapper’s approach was so terrible and inappropriate that it made 50 and even viewers think that guy was a troll trying to egg 50 on to do something that he might regret later, like getting physical and getting hit with a lawsuit. Luckily 50 handled the situation perfectly and avoided any unwanted altercation by telling him that he was stupid and that his approach wasn’t going to work because he had nothing to show but an IG account. Hopefully, these words will encourage the aspiring rapper to go back to the drawing board and rethink his strategy on trying to get put on.


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