50 Trolls Teairra Maria With “I Aint Got It” Website

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Teairra Marie is learning just how low 50 Cent will stoop when getting revenge. The two recently faced off in court when Teairra Marie sued Fif’ for leaked pictures that she said resulted in revenge porn. Apparently, the court did not agree and sided with 50 Cent, to the tune of $30,000. He sent her a subpoena for payment to which she replied, “I ain’t got it”. The reality star and singer released a diss track called “I Aint Got It” as well and began selling merch with the new slogan.

50 Cent clapped back with a website called www.IAintGotIt.com. The site redirects to 50’s G-Unit brand site where a shirt called “She Ain’t Got It” in addition to other merch are for sale. Turns out she didn’t lock down the trademark for the gear and ended up falling for one of 50 Cent’s publicity stunts at her own expense. It seems she is learning just savage he is willing to get when it comes to beef.


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